B Softlaser Plus  Preorder April delivery

B Softlaser Plus Preorder April delivery

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The Softlaser Plus is sold out because of the huge demand. You can preorder now for April  2018 delivery. If you don't want to wait, order the Softlaser Rechargeable in stock with most of the same features plus it's USB rechargeable.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, now you can have the most beautiful skin of all....with the all new Softlaser Plus! All the award-winning features of the Beurer SL30 Softlaser and so much more!

In the U.S., inquire before purchase.

Fitness Magazine tried and loved our Beurer Softlaser as reported in the unsolicited testimonial shown in the article on the left. The new Softlaser Plus personal laser is an improvement on that technology and is a revolution in the field of low level laser therapy for home use. It can be used daily to help reverse the effects of aging, to promote a beautiful complexion, give your client’s skin tone and color and so much more! It is safe, effective and easy to use.

The coherent 635nm red spectrum laser will contribute to the timelessness of beauty with its elegant and proven light energy. Red laser accellerates the production of collagen in the body. In over 30 years of research there have been no side effects of low level laser usage. These state of the art lasers do not cut or burn as high powered surgical lasers do. Instead the Softlaser Plus penetrates into the skins cells and accelerates the body's natural healing ability reducing the effects of aging and contributing to beautiful skin.

The SL30 Softlaser has been the most successful softlaser in the world. We have now enhanced and expanded its features to make it even more effective. The Softlaser Plus has been redesigned with a new 635nm primary laser wavelength and now has user selectable continuous wave and as well as 20Hz pulsing frequency to be even more effective. The Softlaser Plus incorporates a host of advanced features in a 5 mW home-use laser device and provides gentle massage to the skin while in use. The massage feature is user selectable. It is ideal for all types of skin conditions. It is now in it's fourth production run. The Softlaser Plus can contribute significantly to your beauty regime.  Our customer support is tops in the industry.


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